30 Rock Challenge: I’m just gonna do a bunch of these at once

1) A season or episode that got you hooked- I was hooked from the very beginning. I watched the very first episode and I think I was hooked when Liz asked what happened to her old boss and Jack popped out of no where and said “He’s dead!” and seemed to be very happy about it. I thought it was the best pilot episode ever and I knew I’d keep watching it. 

2) Favorite character- It’s a tie between everyone basically. Liz, Jack, Kenneth, Sue is really funny. It’s way to hard to choose my favorite since the cast is so brilliant. 

3) Least Favorite Character- This isn’t really a “character” but in the first season when they had the episode with Paul Reubens as that crazy guy in the wheelchair that died. I really didn’t like that episode. 

4) Favorite Episode- This is really difficult. I really liked the live episode this season. Also any Valentine’s Day episode is usually amazing, although this year was slightly less amazing. 

5) Least favorite episode- Again, the episode Black Tie. I also didn’t like the episode with Steve Martin that much. There’s usually one episode a season I’m not too crazy about.